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When the right people are in the right roles, the business is no longer dependent on the owner to sustain daily operations. However, in this type of business, goodwill value is tied to a few key employees. It only takes one of these employees to leave and the business can regress to being completely owner dependent. For example, if a warehouse manager leaves, they take their knowledge of efficiencies with them and your logistics may suffer. If your sales manager departs, you may need to take on their responsibilities because no one else may know the sales process as well as you do.

In a System-Driven business, a higher value stage of maturity on the Value Pyramid, the collective skills, knowledge and competencies are unlocked from key employees (including the owner) and captured in the processes and structures that drive operational performance.

Within Operational Performance, Wardell Advisors work with you to overcome the Operational Gap by

  • Identifying the systems in your key business areas and supply chain that deliver value to your customers and advance your overall strategy
  • Documenting these systems in your business manuals and position outlines
  • Managing the most common challenges that arise during the systems implementation
  • Measuring the performance of your systems with key metrics

With the collective skills, knowledge, and competencies captured in your systems, and a way to measure the performance of those systems, your business can take the next step up the Value Pyramid towards a Culture-Driven business.

The Wardell Operational Excellence advisory services help you and your business successfully manage transition from a People-Driven Business to a Systems-Driven Business.

What To Expect

Our advisors will guide you through the key areas of your operations to achieve excellence through structure, process, and measurement.

Organizational Structure

How is your business organized? We’ll guide you through forming the optimal relationships and structure your business needs to thrive, as well as the roles you need to help you achieve your business goals.


How does your business operate? Our advisors will help you develop key procedures and systems around your core competencies to deepen your competitive advantage.


How well does your business perform? We’ll assist you in establishing your business objectives, process measurement systems and key performance indicators to make sure your business is at its best.

To get started, request a FREE one hour consultation. We want to hear about the organizational challenges that are unique to your business.

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