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As a business grows and matures, it takes on key people who fill major roles and become part of the driving force of the business. This type of business is known as a People-Driven Business. In the Value Pyramid, it is assessed a higher value than an Owner-Driven Business because it’s not dependent on one person, yet the goodwill of the business is still tied up in a few key people.

People-Driven Businesses are also exposed to more risk. It only takes one key employee to leave and the business can regress back to being completely owner dependent. For example, if a key salesperson leaves, he may take his customer relationships with him, or at least give customers a reason to start looking around for other suppliers.

A higher value business model is the System-Driven model, where the collective skills, knowledge, and competencies are captured in the operating systems, policies, procedures, and measurements that are unique to your business. In the System-Driven Business, key people, even the business owner, can step away from the business while it continues to function successfully. A System-Driven Business is positioned to grow or sell, and is more attractive to investors because it can run on its own. 

The Wardell Operational Excellence advisory services help you and your business to successfully systemize your business and navigate the challenging transition from a People-Driven Business to a Systems-Driven Business.

How it works

Our advisors will guide you through the key areas of your operations to achieve excellence through structure, process, and measurement.

You will develop and apply skills and knowledge needed to instil operational excellence inside your business, pointing your business up the Value Pyramid.

Organizational Structure

How is your business organized? We’ll guide you through forming the relationships and structure your business needs to thrive, as well as the roles you need to help you achieve your business goals.


How does your business operate? Our advisors will help you develop the procedures and systems your business needs across functions and teams in order to run as efficiently as possible.


How well does your business perform? We’ll assist you establish your business objectives, process measurement systems and key performance indicators to make sure your business is at its best.

What You Get

  • A ongoing, one-on-on relationship with a certified Wardell Advisor
  • Complete library of business manuals
  • Entrepreneurial skills program
  • Roadmap to transition from an Employee-Driven to an Systems-Driven Business
  • Regularly scheduled video conferencing calls with your advisor
  • A copy of the Management and Operations books by Mark Wardell, containing guided exercises
  • Access to a Microsoft Teams live chat environment to connect with your advisor and Wardell staff as needed
  • Over 3 hours of podcasts and video series on Operational Excellence

To get started, request a FREE one hour consultation. We want to hear about the organizational challenges that are unique to your business.

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