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What keeps you up at night? As a small business owner and operator, you may have counted the things you have to do the next day instead of sheep. There’s always something to do, something to think about, but more often than not, something to worry about. Too often, balancing the responsibilities of your business with the rest of your life may seem like the hardest thing to achieve.

Sometimes when you’re bogged down, it can seem like you can’t remember why you decided to get into business ownership in the first place. It can be difficult to recall the vision that you had in mind when you decided to start on your journey.
This is completely normal! Many Owner-Driven Businesses face similar challenges.

An Owner-Driven Business represents the lowest level of the four business maturity stages because all of the goodwill of the business, that is all of the intangible value over and above the value of the assets, is tied directly to its owner. If you were to remove the owner from the business, it would have no value in and of itself, because the business is unsustainable. Ironically, you as the owner, the only reason the company exists in the first place, can become the biggest limiting factor for growth in the business.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners like you overcome similar challenges and climb the Value Pyramid. Our advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds in business ownership and leadership and are here to listen to you and get you and your business back on track.

Our advisors will help you focus on the key area you need to make sure is always in peak condition: yourself.

How it works

To get started, request a consultation; we want to hear what’s weighing on you, what challenges you have as a business owner.

Setting Up For Success

It's easy to get tunnel vision, especially when you're the one shouldering it all. A second pair of ears and eyes can help you see the forest through the trees. When you have more and more asking for your already limited time, an outside perspective can be exactly what you need. Whether it's finding ways to spend less time working in the business, or addressing the things that keep you up and night, a Wardell advisor can guide you through your challenges.

Defining Your Personal Foundation

Bogged down by the everyday, it's possible to lose sight of why you got into ownership in the first place. By addressing the challenges and creating a foundation for success, you'll now be able to re-discover your purpose with a Wardell advisor and align yourself to your personal mission, vision and values.

Tying it Together

With a foundation firmly in place, it's time to take your purpose to your business. With a Wardell advisor, you'll apply your personal purpose and create the foundations of your business and its objectives. Doing so will allow you to climb up the Value Pyramid, moving towards a business that can thrive independently of you.

What you get

  • Roadmap to transition from an Owner-Driven to an Employee-Driven Business
  • Regularly scheduled video conferencing calls with your advisor 
  • A copy of the Leadership book by Mark Wardell with guided exercises
  • Access to a Microsoft Teams live chat environment to connect with your advisor and Wardell staff as needed
  • Over 3 hours Leadership podcasts and video series

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