When you start a business, you may find yourself taking on many different roles within the company. As the business owner, if you spend time focused on the daily operations, you will lose time you could spend focusing on growth.

At first, your business may succeed because your product serves your customers better than your competitors. However, a business flourishes and grows when you, the leader, are free from the daily operations to think critically and strategically about your business's future. We call this Focused Leadership.

Practicing Focused Leadership allows you to define a narrow set of objectives, coordinate the use of your limited resources effectively, and deliver a product of maximum value to your customers. To do this, Wardell Advisors will help you:

  • Delegate operational responsibilities strategically to existing employees
  • Establish your business's direction based around its Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Define your strategy to win
  • Leverage your business's skills and resources as a competitive advantage
  • Identify the skills and knowledge necessary to execute your strategy
  • Focus the organization on the strategy through a coordinated action plan with measurable outcomes
  • Onboard key employees to perform the action plan

Working through the action steps listed above with our Wardell advisors will strengthen your business and increase its value. Your business will not only succeed, it will continue growing past its initial achievements.

At Wardell International, we have helped thousands of business owners like you address similar leadership challenges with proven results. Our advisors have a wide range of business leadership backgrounds. They are here to take the ownership journey with you.

What To Expect

To get started, request a consultation; we want to hear what’s weighing on you, what challenges you have as a business owner.

Delegation of Responsibility

Before you can invest your time, you need to know how you’re spending it. With your Wardell Advisor, you’ll track your spent time and create a plan to delegate responsibilities to key employees.

Clarify a Direction

With more time to invest you will begin by clarifying the purpose of your business through its mission, articulating a 3-to-5 year vision, and taking the first steps to building a culture of continuous improvement by establishing a set of core values.

Define a Winning Strategy

Once your direction is clear, your advisor will work with you to diagnose the biggest threats to your business and the most promising opportunities. You’ll then focus these insights into a winning strategy that deepens your competitive advantage.

Prepare to Execute your Strategy

With a clear destination and a winning strategy for getting there, you’ll work with your advisor to roadmap your strategy and get the right people on board to implement the plan.

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