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A business has two important requirements:

  1. Customers
  2. A product or service that fills customers' needs.

Your business becomes valuable when you can identify your customer's needs and fulfill that need with your products or services better than your competitors. This is what we call a product/market fit.

A product/market fit helps you win more customers because you have demonstrated that your products serve your customers better than your competitors. Without a product/market fit, you will experience frequent loss of current customers and difficulty attracting new customers.

Wardell Advisors can help you maximize your product's value and gain new customers and impress existing customers. Advisors will work with you to:

  • Clarify your target market and ideal customer
  • Document customer needs by market segments
  • Identify unmet customer needs
  • Create product or service roadmaps to fulfill customers' unmet needs
  • Position products and services to reach your ideal customer

Your customers' needs will evolve. As a business, you need to be ready to adapt your products and services to meet your customers' changing needs. Doing so proves your value and maintains a strong relationship with your customers. You may be wondering, "How can I adapt?" Finding your product/market fit is the best place to start.

At Wardell International, we have helped thousands of business owners overcome product/market fit challenges. Our advisors have a wide range of business leadership backgrounds. They are here to support you through increasing your product value with your customers.

What To Expect

To get started, request a consultation; we want to hear what’s weighing on you, what challenges you have as a business owner.

Evaluating Your Market

With a Wardell advisor, you’ll learn how to analyze your customer, the competition, and the market to identify opportunities worth pursuing. You’ll then establish a clear and compelling market position that communicates your offer to your ideal customer.

Developing Your Products and Services

Armed with the knowledge of who your ideal customers are and which unmet needs offer the greatest opportunities, you and your advisor will work to roadmap a product and service strategy. You will also evaluate your existing pricing structure to ensure that it’s aligned with the customers’ willingness to pay for your solutions.

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